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Sip Trunk Providers,VOIP Service Providers & Sip Telephone Service,

Sip Trunk Providers,VOIP Service Providers & Sip Telephone Service,

Sip Telephone Service

AltaWorx entered the IP communications market in 1999 as a VAR VoIP service provider to other carriers, and quickly earned a reputation for providing high quality service at a very competitive price. Soon AltaWorx established a nationwide network and became known as one of the country’s pre-eminent “carriers’ carrier” for VoIP. Today AltaWorx is trusted by more than 300 domestic and international carriers, ASPs, and ISPs to support their business phone services.Today, AltaWorx boasts one of the nation’s largest full-featured global VoIP networks, serving more than 10,000 SMBs and Enterprise customers with broadband, SIP Trunking, premise-based solutions, virtual PBX provisioning, secure Internet presence and award winning cloud-based Hosted Communications solutions. The combined nationwide business VoIP and MPLS enabled network enhances our quality of service (QOS) and currently transports more than 20 billion minutes of voice and data traffic annually.

Sip Trunk Providers

In order to support a wide variety of customer-centric communications solutions, AltaWorx certifies interoperability with more OEMs of IP PBXs, IADs and routers than any other carrier. We are dedicated to meeting evolving industry standards for business VoIP and SIP. Testing the industry’s finest IP appliances and hardware systems, before we add them to our portfolio of Hosted Communications Solutions, ensures they meet our exacting standards to provide our customers with consistent quality and interoperability.

VOIP Service Providers

AltaWorx is committed to maintaining its position as an industry leader and is the service provider of choice for companies that are interested in the financial and operational benefits of transitioning to IP Hosted Communications Solutions and hosted PBX services.

Enable clients to achieve Unified Communications including video, IM presence and application collaboration by delivering a converged services architecture using VoIP/SIP Trunking allowing seamless interoperability of software and hardware.

Offer Clients a Complete Solution

Transitioning to or implementing an IP communications solution is not “plug and play” today. It requires planning, selection of the right equipment, installation, configuration, training and ongoing support. These activities can be performed either internally or by inviting in experts to assist. The role of the AltaWorx VAR Program is to assist members in transitioning businesses to VoIP/SIP Trunking.

When a VAR or systems integrator performs all of the above tasks, then they become a trusted advisor to that particular business. However, getting the equipment in place without assisting in the selection of the service provider leaves the project incomplete.

By coupling AltaWorx service with the VAR’s solution, the VAR can immediately provide a completely functioning implementation rather than just the equipment. This makes the solution not only a more complete offering from the VAR, but an even more convenient system for the end-user.

AltaWorx VAR Partner Program Members:

Can offer a complete solution to clients including hardware, broadband connectivity, voice and data services, managed security and VoIP applications, eliminating the clients' need to engage multiple vendors or perform additional assessments and evaluations on their own.

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